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David learned the value of hard work early. His mother opened a successful Italian restaurant,

Mama Lucia’s, in Duncan, Oklahoma. David’s first job, at the age of nine, was bussing tables.

David worked there through college, obtaining a customer service mindset that guides him

today. David went on to purchase the family restaurant and operate it successfully for 15 years.

David attended college on a music scholarship, eventually earning multiple Grammy and Emmy

nominations for his talent at trumpet. Throughout his life, David has had the honor of playing

our National Anthem at countless events, proudly representing his family who came from

nothing and found the American dream in Oklahoma.

David loves our country and the conservative values that make our nation great. Only in

America could the son of an immigrant rise to become an award-winning artist, successful

business owner and elected county servant.

Prior to his work as Oklahoma County Clerk, David was Executive Director of the C.A.R.E. Center

(Child Abuse Response and Advocacy), working with law enforcement to support victims of

child abuse. David and his wife, Whitney, are the proud parents of Henry, Ava and David Jr.


Government waste, overreach and socialist schemes are the greatest threat to Oklahoma’s next generation. I reformed Oklahoma County, taking on entrenched bureaucratic interest, government waste and ghost employees— saving Oklahoma families millions. Oklahoma has plenty of politicians to tell us what we want to hear, but our families deserve a proven guard dog for our public funds. I’d be honored to earn your vote as your next State Treasurer.

David B. Hooten


David entered the family business after college, eventually purchasing the family restaurant and successfully operating it for 15 years. David has also released 22-albums on his own label, DBH Productions Inc., most recently with legendary singner Pat Boone. David understands what it’s like to sign the front of a paycheck, make ends meet and keep a balanced budget, just as Oklahoma families do each day. 


While others talk like a conservative, David Hooten has a proven history of delivering as Oklahoma’s County Clerk. Frustrated with the wasteful operation of the Oklahoma County Clerk’s Office, David successfully defeated a long-time incumbent. David knows he works for us, the taxpayers, not a bureaucracy or special interests. 


After being elected, David immediately went to work: modernizing the office, reducing government bloat and doing more with less. In David’s first year, the Oklahoma County Clerk’s Office reduced staff size by almost 20% compared to his predecessor while improving services to the taxpayer.


David has an immense love of country and shares our conservative values. David was the first Oklahoma Republican candidate to endorse President Trump in the state of Oklahoma. David is committed to reducing the size of government, fighting wasteful spending and new taxes and being an advocate for Oklahoma families, not special interest groups.


David knows the loss of our liberty is only a generation away. David’s mother and her family experienced socialism firsthand—they were imprisoned in a German concentration camp during the war. David will oppose wasteful, socialist schemes and stand tall for our values.


Be a fierce guardian of your public dollars.

Eliminate bureaucratic waste, fraud and abuse in government.

Utilize technology and innovation to better serve the taxpayer. 

Stand tall for our conservative values, and bring needed accountability to state government.